What Secret Mindset Do The World’s Highest Achievers Use To Accomplish Breakthrough Successes?

And How Can You Gain This Mindset For Yourself?

From The Desk Of Morty Lefkoe
-Novato, California

Dear Reader,

Many of the world's most successful people have used this rare mindset to smash the hidden barriers to high achievement.

Let me show you just one example.

Steve Jobs used this mindset to take Apple from a company on the brink of bankruptcy in 1997 to the most valuable company traded on Wall Street today.

The year before Jobs rejoined Apple, BusinessWeek put Apple's famous trademark on the cover to illustrate its lead story,"The Fall of an American Icon."

Few people really thought that Jobs could turn Apple around; even fewer thought that he could turn Apple into a leading tech company; almost no one thought his innovations at Apple would change our daily lives to the extent it has.

But he did.

Because while everyone else was talking about Apple as if it was a company that might not survive, he was seeing an amazing future for the company that was filled with possibilities.

What was Jobs secret?

Jobs’ secret was a mindset, a way of thinking that very few people in the world have.  This mindset enables you to see opportunities that others miss.  It enables you to make choices that others wouldn't dare to make.  It enables you to create breakthroughs where others see nothing but obstacles.

Jobs’ mindset allowed him to reduce Apple's products from 350 to 10, an unpopular decision that helped Apple focus on its core business and survive.

Jobs’ mindset allowed him to get his competitor Microsoft to invest $150 million in Apple when few were willing to loan money to the struggling tech firm.

Jobs mindset allowed him to take a little-known device called an mp3 player and build it into a media-publishing empire, even though music industry profits had been declining for years. The iPod became one of the most widely sold electronic devices in history and at one point was making more money than all the rest of Apple's other products combined.

At the time of its release some consumer experts doubted the iPod would do well.  Technology Business Research Analyst Tim Deal said the price was "a little too high" and

I question the company's ability to sell [the iPod] into a tight consumer market ...


Boy was he wrong.

Jobs’ mindset, which enabled him to see possibilities that no one else could see and then do what everyone else said could not be done, led to some of the greatest businesses successes in history.

Corning CEO Wendell Weeks laughed when Jobs asked for this

 but when the profits rolled in ...

Back in 2006 Steve Jobs had a dilemma.  The iPhone was still in development and he didn't like the feel of the plastic screen on his prototypes.  He wanted something that was strong, durable, and virtually scratchproof—like glass.

His problem?  Nothing like the material he wanted was currently being produced anywhere in the world.

So Jobs approached Corning Glass to find out if they could produce what he wanted.

Here's the story as described in the book, Steve Jobs, by Walter Isaacson.

“Jobs described [to Corning Glass’ CEO, Wendell Weeks] the type of glass Apple wanted for the iPhone, and Weeks told him that Corning had developed a chemical exchange process in the 1960s that led to what they dubbed ‘gorilla glass.’  It was incredibly strong, but it had never found a market, so Corning quit making it. … [Jobs] said he wanted as much gorilla glass as Corning could make within six months.  ‘We don’t have the capacity,’ Weeks replied.  ‘None of our plants make the glass now.’

“‘Don’t be afraid,’ Jobs replied. This stunned Weeks, who was good-humored and confident but not used to Jobs’ reality distortion field.  He tried to explain that a false sense of confidence would not overcome engineering challenges, but that was a premise Jobs had repeatedly shown he didn’t accept.  He stared at Weeks unblinkingly.  ‘Yes, you can do it’, he said. ‘Get your mind around it.  You can do it.’”

Imagine that someone who was an expert in making a product you needed told you that he doesn't have a factory that makes what you want, so he can't possibly meet your six-month deadline.

How many people would say with confidence, "You can do it," and believe it enough to get the other person to take action like Jobs did?

Here's the rest of the story:

“As Weeks retold this story, he shook his head in astonishment.  ‘We did it in under six months,’ he said.  ‘We produced a glass that had never been made.'”

It’s clear that Steve never accepted it when someone said: “This is the way things are.”  He never accepted it when someone said: “This can’t be done."

Jobs had a mindset that few people have.  In his mind nothing was impossible.  If you told him it could not be done, he’d get you to figure out a way to do it.  He never doubted there was a way to accomplish what he wanted … and to get better results than anyone thought possible.

I call this Possibilities Thinking and it’s one of three things anyone can learn to gain the kinds of results that Jobs got.

How can you learn to use Possibilities Thinking like Jobs did?

Here’s how I helped one person do it:

At a workshop one CEO presented me with the following problem that seemed to be unsolvable to him.

Here's how he described it:

We rebuild motors and sell them to businesses at roughly 50% the price of new ones. The price of new motors has been going down and as a result, we've been lowering our prices.  Our costs remain the same so we've been making less and less money for the same amount of time and effort.

When I asked him to identify a limiting belief about reality that might prevent him from solving the problem, he said he didn't see any.  His problems were REALITY to him.  He couldn't see a belief.  He was like a fish that didn’t know it's wet.

After I questioned him, asking him what assumption he was making that might be stopping him from finding a solution to his problem, he was finally able to acknowledge an idea.  He didn't call it a belief or assumption because it seemed like reality—a cold, hard fact to him—a problem that could not be solved.

His “description of reality" was

"You can only sell a rebuilt motor for 50% of the cost of a new motor."

He came to this conclusion because everyone in his industry sold their rebuilt motors for 50% the cost of a new one.  Anyone who ever buys a used “anything” expects to buy it at a substantial reduction from the price of a new one.

Before I tell you more, I'd like to ask you how would you feel in that situation?

Would you be full of hope that somehow you can turn the situation around?

Or, would you, like most people, be thinking, "I need to get out of this business."

Or, would you think, "There isn't much we can do about this situation."

If so, you are not alone.  That's exactly how he was feeling.

We’re often stumped like this, not because there is no solution but because our limiting assumptions about reality don't seem like assumptions; they seem like reality. So we are totally closed in, trapped by the walls of a box we can't see.

Using a principle I call, "Find the hidden 'I can't,’” I helped him identify and unlearn the belief "We can't charge more than 50% of the price of a new motor."  Once he realized that it wasn’t necessarily the truth that he couldn’t charge more than 50% of the price of a new motor, we brainstormed some ideas.

Offer a longer warranty than those given for new motors. This will increase value for the customer but not increase costs by much since rebuilt motors actually last longer than new motors.

Businesses hate downtime even more than they hate paying higher prices, because it causes them to lose a ton of money, so offer to have motors available when needed under an annual maintenance contract and then guarantee to deliver overnight.  This eliminates the fear of lengthy downtime for businesses.  Also, because rebuilt motors perform so well, this offer will not add much to current costs.  You can even charge a lot more for this service since it saves the client a lot of money.

Finally, because new motors are frequently different sizes than the ones being replaced, there is an additional cost to install a new motor, which buying a rebuilt motor of the same model would eliminate.

As a result of getting rid of his assumption, he stopped seeing rebuilt motors the way we see used cars—as something that has lower value and should be priced accordingly—and he was able to see possibilities and opportunities he had not been able to see before. Seeing new possibilities allowed him to create a higher valued offer that made it possible for him to not just maintain prices but increase prices and profits.

This new offer allowed him to not just sell a replacement motor, but instead to sell a package of “value” that no one else in the industry was offering.  He essentially created a new industry in which he didn’t have any competition.

The key here is that he would NEVER have even found this assumption on his own.  He needed to be shown how to identify it.  And even then he didn't take it seriously at first.

And this is true of most people.  Our assumptions about reality seem to be absolute facts.  They don't seem like assumptions or beliefs or opinions.

For us, they are REALITY.

But once you learn how to identify and unlearn the innumerable assumptions you have about reality, almost anything is possible.

This business owner's story is just one example of how getting rid of subtle and hidden beliefs can transform your results.

The Unstoppable Mindset Program

In my new program called the Unstoppable Mindset, you’ll learn Possibilities Thinking, so you can see past the reality most people see. You’ll live in a world of possibilities and opportunities undreamed of by most people.

This Possibilities Habit obliterates limitations most people see "out there" in the world and creates possibility after possibility--even in situations that at first appeared hopeless.

And you can have this as a lifelong ability if you join the Unstoppable Mindset Program.

However, even when you can see reality without limits, you'll still need to take action to pursue the opportunities you create.

That's why the next step is ...

Belief Discovery And Elimination:
Breaking Through The Hidden Blocks To Taking Action

The next step to having the kind of success Steve Jobs had is to get rid of the major habits blocking your path to success.

Jobs created breakthrough ideas because he could see possibilities that others missed because they only saw limitations … but he also needed to take action to make his ideas a reality.

Most people have habits that block their path to success.  For example, many people come up with brilliant ideas but then fail to follow through on them.


Because of beliefs that direct them away from doing what it takes, the way a marionette is dragged around by its strings.

In the Unstoppable Mindset Program, we help you discover the behaviors that hold you back, and then we help you find and unlearn the beliefs that cause them.

In effect, you cut the strings that stop you from taking action, allowing you to blaze a trail to the success you’ve always wanted.

Why This Part Is So Tricky

The tricky thing with the belief-unlearning process though isn't eliminating the beliefs.  The tricky part is finding the beliefs.

We only notice the symptoms, namely, the lack of action, bad habits and damaging emotions like fear.

And while many people can find some of their beliefs on their own, such as I'm not good enough and I'm not deserving, most people are not able to find the more subtle beliefs that can keep you from doing everything it takes to reach your goals.

So How Do You Demolish Blocks To Taking Action?

The answer: the Lefkoe Belief Discovery Process.

Here's an example:

Randy was a singer and actor.  He got work frequently and sometimes earned a lot of money at one time.  But he still needed to supplement his income with other jobs.  He'd gotten rid of a lot of negative self-beliefs and other beliefs and, as a result, experienced a lot of changes in his life.

He felt better about himself.

He was taking better care of himself.

He was doing more of the things that were important to him.

But one thing still had not changed.

He seemed to lack money all the time.


Here was his answer:

I have just enough to pay the bills and when I make a great deal of money, my inclination is to pay bills and then reward myself, not to save.

Discovering the beliefs that caused this pattern was tricky.  In his mind rewarding himself by spending the money left over after paying his bills just felt natural and he couldn't see what was driving him.

So it took an hour of applying every belief-discovery technique up my sleeve to discover all the beliefs causing this behavior.

We found the following beliefs he had about wealthy people:

Wealthy people are shallow.

Wealthy people are uncaring, unloving and unfeeling.

Wealthy people are non-spiritual.

Wealthy people are selfish.

And these "positive" beliefs about poverty:

Poverty builds character.

Poverty makes you strong.

Poverty makes you a visionary.

Poverty makes you human.

Poverty fosters creativity.

Poverty fosters love between people.

As the beliefs were discovered, he was surprised.  He never knew that he believed anything like them.  And yet these beliefs were preventing him from taking the action he needed to reach his money goals.

This is very common.

Our beliefs are often hidden away from us and we don't even notice they are there.  It takes special training and special care to coax them to the surface.

Once Randy got rid of these beliefs he was able to finally begin to save money and build a more stable life for himself.

So now let me ask you ...

What habits do you still have that are sabotaging your success, despite the work you've done on yourself?

Is it possible that you just haven't found all the beliefs causing them yet?

If so, then the Belief Discovery and Elimination component of the Unstoppable Mindset Program might be just what you need to reach your goals whatever they might be, including financial goals.

This piece is delivered by my wife Shelly, who was the first person trained and certified in the Lefkoe Method.  She's transformed the lives of more people with The Lefkoe Method than anyone else except myself.  As a result of working with over 5,000 people over the past 25 years she's honed her belief-detection and belief-elimination skills.  Clients often say, "She helped me find beliefs I didn't even know I had."

Carol Shaw

"I now make over $100,000 a year plus bonuses."

I used to have beliefs that I did not deserve to make a lot of money and that it was a "sin" to be wealthy. Consequently, I was always getting paid at the bottom salary level for my work in the nonprofit world. All that has changed. Through working with Shelly - I now make over $100,000 a year plus bonuses. My last jump in salary was 64%. My beliefs have changed and so has my life.

Carol Shaw

You'll likely discover, as many of her clients have, that she pinpoints the exact beliefs in your way so you make lasting changes ... and that you find working with her enjoyable.

Catherine Maley

"The results have been remarkable and they speak for themselves"

The results have been remarkable and they speak for themselves.  My income has tripled, I've lost weight, I've stopped using wine as a comfort, I'm in a loving relationship for the first time in 12 years and I have my own business that I dreamed about forever.  I can also now talk to a full room of professionals that used to intimidate me into silence and fear.

Catherine Maley
Cliff Bracket

"My sales are up 29% but more importantly my net profit is up 200%."

I no longer struggle with the desire to take control of my life and the feeling that I can't. As I began to change my beliefs, I began to act and feel differently. Of course a real change in a person’s life is measured by more than our feelings. I recently ran a P&L on my business for the last 12 weeks and compared it to the same time period for last year. My sales are up 29% but more importantly my net profit is up 200%. By eliminating the belief systems, I have been able to make choices in my life that are getting me the results that I want.

Cliff Bracket

When you join the Unstoppable Mindset you get 10 one-hour sessions with Shelly Lefkoe to get rid of every inner barrier to taking action on your goals, including financial goals like Cliff and Catherine mentioned above.

These one-hour phone or Skype sessions will free you from bad habits that hold you back and leave you with an ability to take action without inner struggle or strain.

But there's one more thing you must do to make sure nothing at all can stop you.

The Final Barrier: The Instant Negativity Bug
And How To Squash It

Even if you've gotten rid of the major beliefs in your way, the instant negativity our minds give us in response to some events can still keep us from being as unstoppable as Steve Jobs ... and you can overcome it. Here's an example: Joss was talking to the owner of the house she wanted to buy on the phone.  The owner demanded payment in cash by Friday.  Joss told the owner she didn't have the cash right now and the owner said,

"Fine, we can't make the deal then; I'm pulling out."

After this Joss was angry.  She was thinking,

"This woman is a jerk. I guess I won't get the house."

In the past that would have been the end of the story for Joss.  No house.  But this time she used a technique I taught her … and she dissolved the meaning she gave the owner’s statement in seconds. When we give a meaning like, “She’s a jerk,” it seems like the person is an obstacle that can’t be overcome.  If she’s a jerk, I certainly can’t change that. But if instead I only see events, then she’s just a woman who wants money by a certain day, at which point maybe it’s possible to negotiate with her to take payment on another day. Joss called her lawyer and asked, "How can we make it work?" To make a long story short, they found a way.  Joss is living in the house today.

Joss' New House

Joss' New House in good weather. The New England snow is up to her ears now or she'd have given me a photo of her standing next to the house.

If Joss had let her mind's automatic negativity control her, she would have assumed there was no way to get the house and just given up.  But after she dissolved the meaning, she found a new way to handle the situation and get what she wanted. Here's another example: Anna had been scared to lead her workshops, but after she eliminated the beliefs causing the fear she could lead workshops with confidence and poise. In the middle of one of her workshops, however, she saw one attendee's face.  He seemed to be not paying much attention. She initially gave it the following meanings:

He's not interested in what I'm saying.

He doesn't care about what I'm doing.

He doesn't like me.

At first, because of these meanings, she was inclined to avoid him.  She thought: If he’s not interested, why even try to get through to him. But after she dissolved those meanings using the technique I taught her, she walked up to him during a break and asked him a few questions to see if he was learning from her and to see what she could do to help. Instead of ignoring him, she spent even more time than she would have had she held onto those meanings.  And she ended up helping someone in her workshop who would have been ignored. So once the big behavioral and emotional patterns are handled—the fears, the anxieties, and the bad habits—the ability to instantly dissolve negativity is essential to making sure nothing can get in your way ever again.

How to dissolve negativity automatically

In the past you could only learn how to dissolve negativity automatically with the Lefkoe Freedom Course (LFC).  This course takes you through exercises that show you how to dissolve negativity quickly and then how to make it a lifelong habit.  By the end you experience much less negativity.  And you see many new possibilities for taking action.

Mario Califfa

The constant unpleasant feeling I had on a day to day basis and didn't even know was there is gone. I've been dealing with problems during the course and finding solutions for them much faster. And, more important, the course is designed in a way that, if you follow all of Morty's instructions and do all the assignments as they are given, you won't need a technique in the end, this will just be the new way you go through life, being present and aware of reality and dealing with what happens in a much more effective way.

Thank you Morty!

Mario Califfa

The LFC is a 10-week course lead by me.

It includes 10 live webinars during which I show you how to dissolve meaning

It includes daily assignments during which you practice dissolving meaning

It includes detailed, personal feedback from me each week on each assignment to make sure you get the most out of your efforts

After all 10 weeks, you’ll notice that your mind is clearer because you are experiencing far fewer negative meanings.

This course, the content of which is included in the Unstoppable Mindset Program, leaves a lasting effect on your life.


When I first started, I had a lot of times where I felt like a victim and was stressed and worried, but now, things that used to bother me rarely do, I come up with solutions faster and I catch myself before I spiral downward. In general, I am happier and more peaceful.

When Morty told me that if I followed all the instructions and did all my homework in this course, I would never really be stressed again, I thought, "It's a chunk of money, but how many more programs would I NOT be buying in the future if I do this one?" So I bit the bullet.

What is the price for peace of mind for the rest of your life?


What Do I Get When I Join

Here's a quick run-down of everything you get when you decide to join The Unstoppable Mindset Program, which starts on Tuesday, March 31st:

  • Develop the Possibilities Mindset: The key to seeing possibilities when others see only obstacles.

    In 13 on-line group coaching sessions, you'll learn a revolutionary practice that enables you to shine a light on your shadow, "I can't's," "I have to's," and thoughts such as, “This is just the way things are,” which blind you to possibilities ... and then to get rid of them. This practice unleashes massive creativity that allows you to create breakthrough ideas.
  • 10 One-Hour Sessions With Master Facilitator Shelly Lefkoe

    During these one-hour phone or Skype sessions, my wife Shelly will use her belief-detection and -elimination skills honed over 25 years of working with well over 5,000 clients to help you find the hard-to-find beliefs that keep you from reaching your goals. You'll find yourself taking new actions to reach your dreams and enrich your life … and most importantly these new actions will not feel hard, the struggle to change will be gone.
  • The full 10-week Lefkoe Freedom Course (plus 3 bonus sessions that were not part of the original course) conducted by me, Morty Lefkoe (normally $1295 without the extra sessions).

    In 13 on-line weekly coaching sessions, you will master the process of dissolving negative meanings that cause negative emotions ... and this process will become so automatic by the end that you won't notice some of the changes until AFTER a formerly "stressful" experience occurred. You’ll look back and notice that you felt calm and I control. So-called “negative” events will no longer stop you and you’ll make progress while maintaining peace of mind.

You'll also get access to these powerful bonus trainings delivered via live webinars:

  • Bonus Training 1: You’ll discover how to use the "No Buts" technique that transforms your perception of problems and obstacles, so they seem more like stepping stones than barriers.
  • Bonus Training 2: Creating Your Own Context. You’ll discover how to create a context that allows you to experience your life in an empowering way no matter what happens. Imagine being able to create the way you experience events day-by-day. You can make yourself happier, or more empowered, or (you fill in the blank) by making a shift in perception that you can choose.


The material from the two 13-week courses and the two bonus trainings will be integrated in one webinar that will be delivered for 15 weeks, on Thursdays from 4-6 p.m. Pacific time. Part of the time will teach Possibilities Thinking and part of the time will teach how to dissolve moment-to-moment meaning. The first 12 weeks meet on Thursdays starting on June 18 and ending on September 3rd. The dates for the final three Thursday meetings are: September 17th, October 1st, and October 15th. If you cannot attend any webinar live, you can download it as an mp3 and submit comments or questions that we'll answer during the next webinar. You will still be a full participant in the Unstoppable Mindset Program.

What Do I Invest To Take This Course?

First of all, to take part in this course you’ve got to be willing to invest—actually to commit to—the time required.

You’ll need to commit to attending all the weekly coaching and training sessions plus the bonus trainings.  Adding it all up that’s about 30 hours over 15 weeks just for the on-line trainings.

You’ll also need to commit to doing all 10 sessions with Shelly.  That’s another 10 hours.  So far our total is 45 hours.

Then you’ll need to commit to doing the practice assignments you get each week.  Most of these don’t take extra time out of your life.  You do them during your normal activities.  So while that’s not technically “extra” time, it’s something you’ll need to commit to.

I know at this point I’m supposed to be telling you how easy it will be to do this training but if I did that, I’d be short-changing you.

This course takes work, but it’s work that pays off for a lifetime … because not only will you maximize the chances that you reach your goals, but you’ll also be happier and more fulfilled while on the path to your success … whether you define success in financial terms or any other way.

And now for the financial part of your investment

This course is pricey.  It delivers to you what I wish every college graduate would learn before they enter the real world.  Tuition for a semester at a private college costs around $16,000; wouldn’t it be great if for just one semester every college student learned what you will learn in this program?

Fortunately, the Unstoppable Mindset Program won’t cost you as much as 15 weeks of college.

Tuition for the Unstoppable Mindset Program is $5,520 paid in 12 monthly installments of $460.

Or you can pay in one lump sum of $4,995 and save $525.

That includes each of these powerful elements that allow you to have the kind of success that only people who think like Steve Jobs, or Edison, or Einstein have been able to achieve.

  • The 13 weekly on-line coaching sessions to develop the Possibilities Mindset.
  • The 13 weekly on-line trainings to learn how to automatically dissolve negative meanings that could hold you back.
  • The 10 phone or Skype sessions with Shelly that help you unlearn the biggest barriers to having you take action on your most cherished dreams.
  • Plus the two bonus webinar trainings on the No “Buts” Technique and Creating Your Own Context.

*Recordings will be made available for all group trainings in case you cannot attend them live.

And, there’s more.

My Persistence Guarantee

If you do every assignment …

If you attend all your belief-unlearning sessions …

If you apply everything I teach you in this 15-week program …

Then you must get all the benefits I’ve promised:

  • Possibilities Thinking – which allows you to see unimagined new ways of getting results,
  • the ability to follow through on your goals and plans without resistance, and
  • the ability to dissolve negativity instantly

or you can take the course again (with the exception of the private belief-unlearning sessions with Shelly) at no extra cost.

And not only that …

I am so confident that every participant will receive the benefits I’ve promised that no one is allowed to walk away from this program without the ability to see infinite possibilities and act on them … no one.

I’ll personally work with you at no extra charge if necessary to make sure you get everything I promised.

So if you feel this might be for you, if you have unrealized dreams, if you don’t just want to have ordinary success but instead are committed to having extraordinary achievements, join the Unstoppable Mindset Program and make your vision a reality.

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Creator of The Lefkoe Method

P.S. Something Steve Jobs said during an interview really gets to the essence of his unique mindset:

“Life can be much broader once you discover one simple fact: Everything around you that you call life was made up by people who were no smarter than you. The minute that you can understand that … you can change it, you can poke it, that’s maybe the most important thing.”

If what Jobs says is true, that the world around us is made up by people no smarter than us, then the true key to success does not lie in getting smarter.  It lies in learning how to take our blinders off, so we can see new horizons … new destinations … and new ways of getting there.

Join me for the Unstoppable Mindset Program if you’re up for this challenge.

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