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  • Matt

    May 20, 2015

    Thanks for this technique Morty! I’m wondering, what is the event/reality once you get your meanings from the what if questions? Is it the thought of what if…? Or is it that you’re wanting to do something yet are having trouble getting started. Thanks in advance!

    • umadmin

      May 20, 2015


      The event/reality is whatever is happening in that moment. So if you are asking “what if” while sitting at your computer, the reality is that you are right now sitting at your computer.

      You’ll see the same type of thing in the examples presented in the video.

  • Rich

    May 29, 2015

    I’m trying to start a new project, and these are the What If’s that came up:
    1. What if I fail again?
    2. What if I don’t have what it really takes?

    1. If I fail again then l will have wasted more of my time.
    2. I’ve failed before so I’ll probably just fail again
    3. What will other people think of me if I can’t produce success?

    What’s happening right now?
    Right now I’m sitting at my computer. I am sharing my What Ifs and their meanings to try and get a scholarship so that I can adopt a great mindset. I am also trying to start the wheels rolling on a new project and I have all the ability to start it.

    The meaning I gave to the meanings included:
    1. I’m scared that I don’t have what it takes and then when I fail people will laugh and say “I told you so.”
    2. I’m scared that I will appear weak for trying and just another person who dared to live their dream and failed.
    The reality is that most people want me to succeed and have my back. The meanings I’ve given to a couple of bad experiences in the past have skewed the meaning and the reality.

    3. Another meaning is that I need to prove myself to everyone right away that I can succeed. Therefore, I give no time for myself to succeed and because I want instant success, I am scared let myself experiment and fail, because I don’t have time to waste. The reality is that success takes time, and I have all the time I need to produce the success I desire. I also realize that success builds on success, so I give myself permission to have a little success first and just keep building on that.

    Upon realizing this, I feel lighter and more confident in myself. It’s like I can go and start that project because I released the shackles that were holding me back.

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful method. I’m going to make a commitment to use it every time I find myself procrastinating.